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About Ron

Ron is a teacher, test developer, and curriculum designer based in California. You might know him from his posts on Beat the GMAT, or from the series of free video tutorials he created for Manhattan Prep, "Thursdays with Ron."  But Ron didn't start out as a GMAT whiz -- he's been teaching standardized test prep (and just about everything else) for over two decades.

Ron is an inveterate strategist who enjoys "hacking" every aspect of life. Whether it's cracking standardized tests, charting optimal routes through California's infamous traffic, or tweaking his own diet and sleep problems -- if there's a problem, he'll solve it. In his first teaching job (teaching the SAT to his own high school classmates), Ron discovered a unique, intense love for propagating ideas and strategies. 

He couldn't stop with just the SAT, of course, and he's since taken several standardized tests, including the GMAT, the LSAT, and the GRE -- and scored perfect scores on all of them. He holds degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry from Stanford University.

Ron enjoys reading, classical music, electronica, intense workouts, road trips, amateur fashion design, outlet and thrift-store shopping, and 110-degree heat. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Sarah and their two dogs, Dolce and Remy.