“The first two hours with Ron was worth more than all the time I spent with three different tutors. That’s no exaggeration.”
— Ross O.

“The GMAT is a code, Ron has the combination.”
— Jean-François S.

“His work was so priceless that if I had to spend $4300 for his two hours, I would pay it without any hesitation.”
— Tina Z.

“If a guy like Ron explained all the problems in the OG, GMAC would be out of business.”
— MyMBADreamz Blog

“Ron, whatever they pay you, it is not enough, as you are a truly talented individual. It is one thing to be able to get an 800 score on the GMAT. It is something entirely different to be able to teach it to lay-Sue and help her understand and think like the test takers.”
— Leyton M.